Siddhāṁśa: D24

  • Siddhāṁśa Slides - There are two types of siddhāṁśa (D24 charts) just are there are two types of knowledge that can be mastered – (a) apara vidyā, the knowledge of everything that has manifested and (b) para vidyā, the spiritual knowledge. The construction of the divisional charts for these two purposes has to be different and for convenience, we use two different nomenclature for them. Caturvimśāṁśa, literally meaning ‘24’ is used loosely for both charts while siddhāṁśa has generally been used by all astrologers do refer to the apara-vidyā chart. On the other hand Parāśara uses the word वेदवाह्वंश (vedavāhvaṁśa) to introduce the… Continue Reading
  • Vidya Defined - Eric Rosenbush discusses Vidya at that 2022 Kashi Jyotish Conference. Understanding the term vidya and the different places it is seen in the chart will compliment your study of the D24. Continue Reading
  • Chaturvimsamsa 2023 - 1.4 Harmonics Since the twelve sign division is the primary division, it follows that all sub-division of the sign will fall in a sequence that repeats after every twelve divisions. Thus, for example, the D-16 Chart (Shodasamsa or Kalamsa) will be the first harmonic (or second cycle) of the D-4 Chart (Chaturthamsa). This can be expressed mathematically as 16 = (12 x 1)+ (4); where 1 represents the first harmonic. Similarly, the D-40 (Khavedamsa) Chart is the third harmonic (or 4th cycle) of the D-4 Chart as 40 = (12 x 3) + (4). Table 4 : Divisional Charts… Continue Reading