Vimśāṁśa: D20

  • Viṁśāṁśa: D20 - About Dharma The religiosity and spiritual leanings are seen in the Vimśāṁśa (D-20 chart). The planets in trines to the Vimśāṁśa ascendant provide the deities the native will like to worship as well as his mantra. This divisional chart is very personal and connects the individual to the occult. Mantra recitation is seen in the ninth house (Japa), Bhakti (love/adoration of any deity) is seen in the fifth house while meditation is seen in the 12th house. The Karakas for these are Jupiter, Venus and Ketu respectively while the overall control is with the luminaries. The Dasāṁśa (D-10 chart) is… Continue Reading
  • Viṁśāṁśa Presentation - The one-twentieth potion of the rāśi maps to the 8th house in the second cycle and shows the path of spiritual transformation. Each viṁśāṁśa measures 1°30’ and is exactly half the dasāṁśa (D10 measure 3°) showing how the karma we do is influenced by and influences spiritual transformation. Let us learn the great secrets of the tradition related to the viṁśāṁśa. This was taught in a one-day workshop in the West-Coast in California.     Viṁśāṁśa #A Viṁśāṁśa #A PDF Viṁśāṁśa #A Slides     Viṁśāṁśa #B Viṁśāṁśa #B PDF Viṁśāṁśa #B Slides     Viṁśāṁśa #C Viṁśāṁśa… Continue Reading
  • Spiritual Astrology - This is a lecture given at the 2022 Kashi Jyotish Conference. Spiritual Astrology Part 1 The talk aims to introduce the concept of atma and bondage through verses from the  scriptures of Bhagavat Gita, Upanishads and the Shiva Maha Purana. We learn to look for spirituality in horoscopes by looking at the 9th and 12th house (representative of Akasha tattva-space)  before arriving at examples to determine our unique path (dharma devata and Ishta) and to choose the deity that can help the process. Spiritual Astrology Part 2 The talk aims to elaborate the meaning of liberation (moksha/mukti) while delving into… Continue Reading