Navamsha Kendras

We study Navāṁśa kendra and examine the different Bhāva concepts and why only the Parāśara Bhāva correctly maps to the navāṁśa Kendra.

The first house from the rashi chart gets mapped to the navamsha. The second, sixth and tenth houses of the rashi chart is mapped to the tenth house of the navamsha. The third, seventh and eleventh houses of the rashi is mapped into the seventh house of the navamsha. Hence, the lagna, fifth and ninth house are mapped into the lagna of the navamasha.

An independent study of the kendra including case studies of stigmata. We finally end with Khara Navāṁśa.
Navāṁśa Notes

Navāṁśa Notes Presentation

[0:00] Repeat from previous video (Navamsa Marana Karaka Sthana) [4:42]Concept of Bhavas very important in Parashara tradition [5:35] Parashara is the foundation [5:59] Bhava concept [7:45] Dharma Trikona [8:02] Kendra in Navamsa [10:13] Ayana [10:38] Sripati Bhava [14:42] Upadesa [16:31] Pitris and importance of Harivamsa Purana [18:14] Importance of Gurus [20:43] Parasara a Mahamuni [21:55] D-charts (Divisional charts) [22:26] Kendra Upadesha [23:10] Importance of Moon in D9 [23:44] Kendra lords (D9) and rashi lords (D1) different examples including case study of Pt.Sanjay ratha’s own chart [36:35] Case of Saturn Rahu helping Paramguruji to embrace spiritual path Vs. Enjoyment (Ve) and Money (Su) [37:54] Case study Mahatma Gandhi [41:01] Planet position in D9 reconfirms any D1 yoga [48:56] Lagna lord in Lagna [50:45] Navamsa Chakra Dictum [53:01] studying the placement of planets in D9 [55:00] Karmic experience of D9  [56:20] Stronger influence order of planets [56:42] D60 chart [57:02] Chart of Padre Pio [1:03:09] Stigmata – example of Radha [1:07:05] Stigmata symptoms of Padre Pio [1:08:23] Analysis of Marthe Robin chart [1:13:15] Moon is social conscious [1:15:24] Khara Navamsa [1:19:59] Effect of reversing a word [1:25:43] case study of Khara for Sankaracharya (Jayendra Saraswati ) [1:36:36] Raj Jyotish Vidya (Political Astrology) [1:37:07] Calculating Khara [1:39:23] Explanation of Khara


This is the same topic from the 2004 SJC West Coast Conference to support the material above: